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Specialized Divisions


Industrial general labor positions are fundamental roles in various manufacturing, production, and industrial settings. Individuals in these roles perform a wide range of manual tasks, providing essential support to production processes, facility maintenance, and operational efficiency.

Food Service

The food service industry encompasses a broad range of roles and positions across various sectors including restaurants, catering companies, cafeterias, food trucks, and institutional food services.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades that require specialized training, knowledge, and hands-on expertise in a particular craft or trade. These professions typically involve manual labor and technical skills, often within industries like construction, manufacturing, automotive, and maintenance.

Clerical & Administrative

Clerical and administrative roles form the backbone of many organizations, providing essential support to ensure smooth operations across various departments. Professionals in this category handle a wide range of administrative tasks, including data entry, record keeping, scheduling, correspondence, and office management. 

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Housekeeping and maintenance roles are essential in maintaining the cleanliness, functionality, and overall upkeep of industrial and commercial properties. Individuals in these positions are responsible for ensuring that buildings, facilities, and living spaces are clean, safe, and well-maintained to create a comfortable environment for occupants and visitors.

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